Purview of the Department

The purview of the Department of Health Tourism, established pursuant to the "Directive On the Duties of Departments of the General Directorate of Health Services" No. 244 dated 10.01.2020, is comprised of the following:

ARTICLE 23 – (1) The duties of the Department of Health Tourism are:

  1. To plan the services related to Health Tourism and Tourist Health, to issue the required permits,
  2. To carry out the operations and procedures related to Health Tourism in coordination with the relevant institutions and organizations,
  3. To establish the admission criteria, as concerns Health Tourism, for patients who intend to travel to Türkiye from abroad for purposes of treatment, and to review requests and complaints from such patients,
  4. To provide, and keep records of, assistance and counsel as required, for patients falling under the scopes of Health Tourism and Tourist Health,
  5. To plan and coordinate the procedures concerning patients who, under bilateral co-operation agreements in the field of healthcare, travel to Türkiye and are approved for treatment,
  6. To ensure coordination with the International Healthcare Services Corporation (USHAŞ),
  7. To perform any other duties assigned by the Director General.