Department Head


Department Head

Nuhi ÇELİKKAYA was born in 1971 in the province of Erzurum, and he completed primary and secondary school in the same province. He completed high school at Ankara Keçiören Laboratory Medical Vocational High School. He graduated from the Public Relations and Advertising undergraduate program of Atatürk University.

From 2008 onwards, ÇELİKKAYA held management positions at various levels in a number of hospitals. In February 2017 he was appointed as a Department Head in the General Directorate of Healthcare Services in the Ministry of Health and has since held, in chronological order, the positions of; Head of the Department of Planning, Head of the Department of Special Examination and Diagnostic Services, Head of the Department of Patient Rights, and is currently Head of the Department of Health Tourism.

ÇELİKKAYA is married and has four children.