A patient with heart failure in Lebanon came to life with the surgery operated by a Turkish doctor

Prof. Dr. Kervan effectively performed the risky surgery on the patient who was hospitalized in the intensive care unit because of the heart failure.

The 50 year old French man hospitalized in the intensive care unit in a hospital in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, begun to develop other organ disorders because of severe heart failure.

As the overall health condition got worsened, it was resolved that the patient, who was connected to the respirator, urgently needed an artificial heart device or a heart transplant.

Doctors in Beirut requested assistance from Prof. Dr. Ümit Kervan, Ankara City Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Training Supervisor, who effectively performed similar critical surgeries.

Kervan told the AA news reporter that the patient was asked to be sent to France for a heart transplant, yet Lebanese doctors did not find this journey suitable because it would be unsafe and difficult for his wellbeing.

Kervan explained that after receiving the information regarding the patient's health status, they evaluated this information as a team and decided that they could perform the surgery, "Our surgical techniques are slightly different than those in other countries. Because we have a lot of experience in these type of surgeries. Turkish physicians, especially heart transplant teams dealing with artificial heart devices, are leaders in the world. Not only our team, but all of them are very experienced in this field."

Kervan stated that after he went to Lebanon to perform the surgery, he first provided training to the team that will participate in the operation, "We took the patient to the operation after the training. We successfully performed the surgery and put on the artificial heart device. In addition, we gave the information of how they attached the artificial heart device and how the patients were followed to all the health personnel in the hospital. We also provided them the training on how to do so."

"Our methods allow a fast surgery"

Emphasizing the significance of the experience of doctors and the exceptional methods they have developed in heart surgeries, Kervan said:

"Artificial heart device surgeries are significant surgeries that require open heart surgery. Furthermore, patients who have an artificial heart device can develop other organ disorders after the surgery. Since these patients have other organ disorders before they undergo surgery. Subsequently, the operations of these patients should be very fast and neat. Our methods allow a very fast surgery. We completed this surgery in about 3 hours. Generally half a day and for longer surgeries, we finish it in 3 hours. We perform these surgeries with very small incisions. We perform surgeries without opening the big breast bone. We successfully perform these surgeries with small incisions of about 5-6 centimeters and the techniques we have created."

"We have a lot of experience in intensive care"

Stating that the patient's body should adapt to the artificial heart device after the surgery, Kervan said:


"For this, the patient must be managed very well after the surgery. It is necessary to give medicine that supports the heart, drugs that support other organs of the body. We have a lot of experience in intensive care in this regard. That is why we gave information to the doctors in Lebanon on this subject as well. We stayed there after the patient completed his surgery. We waited until the patient took of the respirator and then we returned to Türkiye. "

"Tü is the only country where these operations are totally free"

Emphasizing the perfection of Turkish physicians in artificial heart devices and heart failure surgery, Kervan continued as follows:

"The international recognition level of Turkish cardiac surgeons dealing with heart failure is very high. Our country ranks 3rd in the world, and we are one of the countries where artificial heart devices are putted most and these surgeries are performed the most. One of the most important thing is that such large costly and expensive surgeries are completely free in our country and the state affords this. Türkiye is the only country where these operations are totally free. This is the biggest strength of our country. "


"In Europe, there is no center like this"

Kervan stated that in Hospitals in Europe there is no system like Ankara City Hospital's heart failure and heart transplant system. "We have a separate intensive care unit, a separate service for heart failure and heart transplantation. We have nurses and doctors who are only interested in this job. In Europe, there is no center like this. We can do 3 heart transplants at the same time. We've done this before. We have a large team. "

Kervan indicated foreign patients coming to Türkiye from abroad to be operate and he continued as follows:

" One of the most important point that makes health tourism desirable in our country is wage. In the USA, open heart surgery operations are not performed for less than 100-150 thousand dollars. In our country, we use the same materials and perform the operations with the same results for one third of the price. The results of the artificial heart device and heart transplant surgeries we have made are evaluated by international independent organizations. If your results are not good, patients are not directed to you or you do not go abroad for education. Our results are good, because of this both people are coming to Türkiye for training and we are receiving invitations in the international arena."


Source: Anadolu Agency