Administration of Tests on Persons Traveling Abroad Who Are Required to Undergo PCR Testing by Destination Countries

Prepared by our Scientific Advisory Board and updated according to the global course of Covid-19, the Covid-19 Guide continues to direct field work. Case definition and case management practices stipulated in this guide (COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 INFECTION) GENERAL INFORMATION, EPIDEMIOLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS) are conducted in accordance with the Case Tracking Algorithm.

Persons who fit the Possible Case Definition according to the Case Tracking Algorithm are requested to undergo testing, and the tests are conducted free of charge. Other than Possible Case Definition cases, -with the exception of screenings specified by the Ministry- no tests are conducted.

Persons who are going to travel abroad and have been requested to undergo PCR testing by the destination country are healthy persons not covered by this algorithm.

For such persons who will be unable to undergo voluntary testing under this process, arrangements have been made to enable paid testing in authorized laboratories (a list of authorized laboratories is available at Authorized COVID-19 Diagnosis Laboratories) following sample collection at locations determined by Provincial Health Directorates.

Note: Fees must be paid to the cash desk at the healthcare facility where the testing will be done, or to the bank account number that will be communicated by the healthcare facility.

Procedures to this end will be conducted as follows:

  1. For persons who will travel abroad, PCR samples will be collected at locations and by personnel determined by the provincial health directorates, and these samples will be analyzed at laboratories selected by the provincial health directorates from among COVID-19 diagnosis laboratories authorized by the Ministry.
  2. The persons (without regard to their being citizens or foreigners) must apply to locations determined by provincial health directorates, together with documentation of their journey abroad (ticket, invitation, documentation of studies, petition etc.). At the time of application, they must deposit an analysis fee of TRY 250 into a designated account and present documentation of the deposit.
  3. The persons will be able to access test results via the E-Nabız system in the form of PDF documents, and no additional consent will be requested. Persons not registered in the E-Nabız system will be able to collect result reports from centers designated by the provincial health directorates.
  4. Civil servants traveling abroad on duty will not be charged fees, and must instead present documentation of duty.